NewGen Superfoods Plus, A Natural Nutrition Viewpoint


NewGen Superfoods Plus A Natural Nutrition Viewpoint Working naturopathically we take a holistic view of the body, and also look to balance out each body system rather than working with individual symptoms. I thought it might be helpful for you to see how NewGen works in this way, as it has been designed to be a whole body food supplement, therefore beneficial to all body systems. Don’t forget about how bioavailable NewGen Superfoods Plus is. Every cell can access the nutrients easily and as a result will not only work more efficiently making energy, but also in inter-cellular communication and general metabolic processes.   Digestive & Intestinal Systems Helps to balance out digestive function for both absorption and elimination. Digestive enzymes ensure proper breakdown and absorption of the nutrients, aided by the levels of probiotic bacteria. These, along with the antioxidant nutrients in the formula, will also help to improve any inflammation in the gut, preventing all the problems that go along with a leaky gut wall. Probiotic bacteria are extremely important for gut health, and the high levels in the NewGen Superfoods Plus formula ensure that they can build to optimum levels. Hepatic System Gut and liver health are inextricably linked. A leaky gut wall will impact on levels of toxins in the liver, so improvements here will benefit the liver. Additionally, there are quite a variety of nutrients needed to ensure that all the liver’s various detoxification pathways can operate normally, so intake of nutrient-dense food that supplies these is important. A toxic, struggling liver will impact mood, so supporting liver function, as NewGen Superfoods Plus does, can help improve mild depression. Urinary System Probiotic bacteria reside in the genito-urinary tract, as well as the digestive tract, so good levels here will help to prevent thrush and recurrent cystitis. In addition, the majority of the fruit and vegetables in NewGen Superfoods Plus have an alkalising effect within the body. This aids the kidneys in regulating pH balance within the body and balancing out the largely acid-forming diet that is standard Western fare. Respiratory Tract Naturopathically there is a big link between good digestive/intestinal/hepatic function and good respiratory function, so improvements at this level will always benefit the respiratory tract. In addition, various nutrients keep the mucous membranes healthy and help ensure good lung function. Immune System 83% of our immune system resides in good levels of probiotic bacteria in the gut, so this system gets a major boost from the levels of friendly bacteria. In addition, all the various vitamins and minerals nourish other aspects of this system, such as the production of white blood cells. Circulatory System Heart health and health of the arteries and veins are hugely important to the prevention of heart disease. One of the major problems here is systemic inflammation and free radical damage which leads to build up of arterial plaques and other problems that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. The huge Total ORACs score will be extremely effective against this. In addition vital vitamins and minerals help to prevent blood pressure and other circulatory issues by working to ensure homeostatic balances are maintained. Lymphatic System Lymphatic health and immune health and intertwined, so anything which aids the immune system will also aid aspects of the lymphatic system. Nervous System Declining brain function worries many people, but reducing levels of free radical damage and increasing levels of good nutrition helps prevent cell death. In addition, clearing toxins from the body has the knock-on effect of improving clarity of thought, as well as focus, concentration and memory.   Also a healthy gut makes the majority of the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter serotonin, so levels of this will rise, and the good nutrient base gives the nervous system the things it requires for production of other important neurotransmitters as well. The Nervous System also takes in our sense organs, such as the eyes, and some of the antioxidants in NewGen Superfoods Plus have been shown to benefit eye health. Structural System Good bone, skin, hair, nails, tendons etc are all made up of quite a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins, all of which are contained in NewGen Superfoods Plus. The 100% bioavailability of the plant mineral base in the product ensures full take up of these (as opposed to more normal 10% from rock derived supplements) with the benefits quickly being seen in improved hair, skin and nails. Less visible but equally as important is the benefit to the skeleton. The pH balancing effect of the formula will also aid in preventing the leaching of alkaline calcium from bones to offset acid dietary choices. Glandular Metabolic System Endocrine glands require good levels of certain vitamins and minerals in order to help make the hormones and maintain healthy balance, so all the endocrine glands are going to be nourished by the high nutrient levels in NewGen Superfoods Plus. In addition there is some excellent quality protein in the formula, and plenty of fibre, so blood sugar imbalances will be helped, particularly if taken at breakfast time. Glandular Reproductive System Reproductive imbalances usually occur because the body is lacking certain nutrients to maintain balance, so once again NewGen Superfoods Plus will give the body a big boost in this area, and also help to mitigate the effect of some less than beneficial lifestyle choices. Most reproductive imbalances – PMT, PCOS, infertility etc will benefit. To order NewGen Superfoods Plus follow the link We also hold stock at the gym, just call or ask at reception Phone: Email:

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