About Us

Physique Fitness is a 20,000 sq ft facility dedicated to those who want to train hard without distraction or pretence.


Physique Fitness was established in 2000 and has slowly and steadily grown into Worcestershire’s top training facility in Droitwich, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and many more Worcestershire locations. This does not happen by accident but by design.  Physique has been blessed with a terrific following of members who come from a variety of backgrounds and who have a variety of training needs. One thing we all have in common though is our desire to improve and we believe it is this that gives Physique something unique – atmosphere. Need a spot, need some advice, need a little encouragement, you don’t even need to talk to the staff for this, our members help each other, motivate each other and look after one another. We have triathletes, bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, martial artists, models, powerlifters, strongmen, golfers, footballers, rugby players and people that just want to keep fit. All are welcome, though a sense of humour may be required.  We value training hard, eating well, and most importantly, enjoying life!

Our staff members are all fully qualified gym instructors in their own right who live what they preach, the best bit is in the diversity. We have a Bodybuilder, Long Distance Runner, British Champion Powerlifter, Supplement Specialist and a Professional Rugby player on the team.  If you need some help, advice is free!  We don’t charge for programmes, we don’t charge for inductions and we don’t charge for advice, we believe this is part of your membership.

Physique Fitness is an independent family-owned business which allows us to make the rules and have the flexibility to do as we think best. Droitwich is a relatively small town but Physique is a community all of it’s own, no matter why you joined us we are proud to say you are one of us.

Physique Fitness Gym Droitwich, Worcestershire is responsible for providing fantastic facilities to Worcester, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and surrounding Worcestershire areas.


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