Sports Massage

Sports massage from Physique Fitness is served extremely well by our resident sports masseuse, Jodi Fellows, MD of MBS Coaching Limited. ‘Speaking from personal recommendation there is no way I would be competing in my chosen sport if it wasn’t for my weekly massage.


You have a choice in terms of the type of massage you have, a sports massage will invigorate you and really helps to rehabilitate injuries, Sports massage is also referred to as deep tissue massage and is a great way of increasing blood flow around the body. If you want the technical description then talk to the Jodi, I just know that it works. She also perform relaxation massage which is much more pleasant, the choice is yours!’

Jodi has been a personal trainer, conditioning coach and sports masseur for many years, she is at Physique most days to advise and help you with all of your training or injury enquiries.

To book an appointment with Jodi, call or text 07977 593 220



MBS Coaching by Jodi

Jodi Fellows Sports Massage - MBS Coaching Limited

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