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Physique Fitness is well integrated within the British Powerlifting arena, hosting several events each year. So it is no surprise that we have a large and fully equipped weights room. The primary focus of the gym, Physique's weights room is home to marathon runners, olympic athletes, crossfitters, powerlifters, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders - all from diverse backgrounds and with different training goals. Whether you are a competing professional or a beginner to weight training, you will not be disappointed by the huge variety of free weights, plate loaded and selectorized machines on offer in our weights room.

Large and well equipped weights room with dumbbells up to 85kg, numerous free weights, plate loaded machines and selectorized machines.

Our strength and conditioning equipment includes:

  • 6 x Power Racks

  • 4 x Bench Press

  • 2 x Smiths Machines

  • Olympic Lifting Platform

  • Dumbbell Rack from 2.0 kg - 85 kg

  • EZ Bar Rack from 13.5 kg - 60 kg

  • 8 Stack Selectorized Multi Station

  • Selectorized Functional Trainer

  • Cable Crossover

  • Plate Loaded Squat Belt Machine

  • Numerous Selectorized Machines for cater for all muscle groups

  • Numerous Plate Loaded Machines to cater for all muscle groups

  • Power Plates

  • Over 2000 kg of plate weights

  • Variety of barbells to suit all


Whether you want to stretch, carry out body weight exercises or partake in some interval or resistance training, it's important to have the room to do so. There are functional training areas in both our weights room and cardio suite. Or if you'd like a little more space or privacy, our Dojo offers a large open plan area, perfect for floor exercises and the use of exercise equipment such as swiss balls, medicine balls, kettle bells, therabands and exercise bands, boxes, punch bags and battle ropes.

Functional training, resistance and floor exercise facilities at Physique Fitness. Special allocated areas also space in Ladies gym.
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